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Why should a Vaishnav be a Vegetarian

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Krishnadas “Jada” was the disciple of Shri Gusainji. He was well read and very strong. Thus everybody called him by his nickname “Jada Chacha”.

Prasang 4 (Varta 252|233 – Jada Krishnadas Kshatri)

One-day Krishnadas was on his way to Dwarka. He reached a village where there was a temple of a Devi. He slept at the temple at night.

Early morning, the next day he saw a person bringing a goat to offer as a sacrifice to please the Devi. He was accompanied by many other people.

Krishnadas asked them –

Why do people always offer a goat to the Devi, why not a lion?

The person replied – “How would a person catch a lion!”

Krishnadas said – “I will catch a lion for you if you let the goat go free.”

(On this condition) the person freed the goat.

Krishnadas then went to the Jungle, caught a lion and brought it with him. Everybody ran away on seeing the lion. Krishnadas then let the lion go. (When the lion went away) the persons again gathered there and fell at the feet of Krishnadas.

Krishnadas said to them – (Your real repentance is that) “from now onwards you should never ever indulge in such cruelty to animals.”

Krishnadas possessed such extra-ordinary strength (and compassion).

Shri Harirayji concludes the varta by advising –

A Vaishnav should always refrain from cruelty to any creature


  1. A Vaishnav should never be cruel to any creature.
  2. Vaishnavs should never eat meat or non-vegetarian food and that includes not eating fish and eggs. Even if they eat at a restaurant, they should take care that it is a purely vegetarian eatery. i.e. no meat is ever cooked there.
  3. It is also the duty of every Vaishnav to totally avoid using any goods made of leather.