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Why should a Vaishnav be a Vegetarian

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Krishnadas “Jada” was the disciple of Shri Gusainji. He was well read and very strong. Thus everybody called him by his nickname “Jada Chacha”.

Prasang 4 (Varta 252|233 – Jada Krishnadas Kshatri)

One-day Krishnadas was on his way to Dwarka. He reached a village where there was a temple of a Devi. He slept at the temple at night.

Early morning, the next day he saw a person bringing a goat to offer as a sacrifice to please the Devi. He was accompanied by many other people.

Krishnadas asked them –

Why do people always offer a goat to the Devi, why not a lion?

The person replied – “How would a person catch a lion!”

Krishnadas said – “I will catch a lion for you if you let the goat go free.”

(On this condition) the person freed the goat.

Krishnadas then went to the Jungle, caught a lion and brought it with him. Everybody ran away on seeing the lion. Krishnadas then let the lion go. (When the lion went away) the persons again gathered there and fell at the feet of Krishnadas.

Krishnadas said to them – (Your real repentance is that) “from now onwards you should never ever indulge in such cruelty to animals.”

Krishnadas possessed such extra-ordinary strength (and compassion).

Shri Harirayji concludes the varta by advising –

A Vaishnav should always refrain from cruelty to any creature


  1. A Vaishnav should never be cruel to any creature.
  2. Vaishnavs should never eat meat or non-vegetarian food and that includes not eating fish and eggs. Even if they eat at a restaurant, they should take care that it is a purely vegetarian eatery. i.e. no meat is ever cooked there.
  3. It is also the duty of every Vaishnav to totally avoid using any goods made of leather.

Narayandas Luhana is cured by Shri Mahaprabhuji

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Narayandas was born in the town of Thatta in North India. As his father was a very rich businessman, the birth of Narayandas was celebrated with much pomp and gaiety.

When he turned five, Narayandas was infected with a skin disease that affected his whole body. His father summoned doctors from all over the country to cure Narayandas. But none could treat him. His father then announced a reward of one lakh rupees for the person who could cure Narayandas. Even then another five years passed but the sickness couldn’t be cured. Narayandas became very weak and frail.

Meanwhile, Shri Mahaprabhuji arrived in Thatta during His travels across India. Someone informed the father of Narayandas that Shri Mahaprabhuji Shri Vallabhacharyaji was presently residing in Thatta and had singlehandedly disproved all false religious beliefs prevalent in society. If He were to shower his Grace on Narayandas, then he could certainly be cured.

The father immediately placed Narayandas in a palaki and took with him a thousand rupees as a gift. He prostrated before Shri Mahaprabhuji and placed the money in front of Him. Shri Mahaprabhuji was very upset by this and said to the father, “Am I a professional doctor who should cure diseases (for money)?

Hear the name of Shri Krishna from me because that is what I am here for…

Only those offerings that are made by my humble followers are acceptable for me; so,…”

Keep your money with you – I do not desire it.”

The father (realising his mistake, immediately changed his attitude and) placing his turban at the feet of Shri Mahaprabhuji, he held them with both his hands and lay on the ground saying, “You are God, and it is your child whom you bestow upon me. I seek your refuge. Only when you shower your grace upon me, shall I now return home.”

Shri Mahaprabhuji replied, “Take your son home at present. I shall visit you there and cure him, so that nobody comes to know about it. The entire world is entangled by some or the other sorrow and if people know that I cured Narayandas, they shall start to needlessly follow me (just to have me keep on changing their destinies).”

Then the father said, “Acharyaji! If I returned home and meanwhile you left for some other place, where would I seek your refuge then? Place your hand and then your feet on my head, and promise me that you shall certainly visit my home. Only then shall I believe. It is only after receiving your promise in this manner, that I shall leave.”

Shri Mahaprabhuji said, “I shall neither place my hand nor my feet on your head, for you are not a good person.

It is only out of selfishness that you show humility. You don’t have any love within you.

Narayandas is a divine soul and he is to be granted refuge. It is him that I shall bless.”

The father said, “Acharyaji, it is only for this son that I plead so much, for I do not require anything myself. Place your hand upon him then.”

Shri Mahaprabhuji then went to the palaki and withdrawing the curtain saw Narayandas lying in it. He blessed Narayandas by placing his feet on his head and chest and then closed the curtain and asked the father to take Narayandas home.

On returning home when the father saw Narayandas, there was no sign of the infection and his body was flawless. When the father tried seating the child on his lap, the boy said, “Where is the one who has cured me?” The father said, “He is at the lake outside the town.” Narayandas then said, “Send a servant with me (as a guide) and I shall go there.” The father said, “Use a means of transport – a horse or a palki.” Narayandas replied,

“You are very ignorant. One should always proceed on foot for a glimpse of God.” (flaunting wealth in presence of the one who is almighty is ignorance).

Guided by the servant, Narayandas went to Shri Mahaprabhuji and prostrating before him, requested, “Shower your grace upon me by accepting me in your refuge. You cured me by placing your feet on my head and chest, but what was the reason that you didn’t allow me to see you?” Shri Mahaprabhuji then asked Narayandas to have a bath in the lake and gave him Naam & Brahma-Sambandha diksha.

Narayandas then said, “Acharyaji! I was totally helpless, more so due to this body, and was born in a wealthy household where I was surrounded by bad association all the time. You have showered your grace upon a great sinner and wrongdoer such as me which only you can accomplish. I will now do as you command so that I get liberated – that…

I may never leave – vivek (the ability to understand between right and wrong) and dhairya (patience), and that my mind should constantly be in your sharan (shelter).”

Shri Mahaprabhuji then replied, “These virtues have been already established in you the very moment when my feet were placed on your head and heart. Now I present you with the Seva of Shri Thakurji, whom you should worship.”

Moral: Our Guru, Shri Mahaprabhuji Shri Vallabhacharyaji is full of compassion and is all powerful; knowing this, a Vaishnav in Pushtimarg should always be humble and free from all worries.

Source: Chaurasi Vaishnav Varta – Varta no. 59, Narayandas Luhana from Thatta

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