Pushtimarg stories to inspire your kids!


Why should a Vaishnav be a Vegetarian

Krishnadas “Jada” was the disciple of Shri Gusainji. He was well read and very strong. Thus everybody called him by his nickname “Jada Chacha”. Prasang 4 (Varta 252|233 – Jada Krishnadas Kshatri) One-day Krishnadas was on his way to Dwarka. He reached a village where there was a temple of a Devi. He slept at… Keep Reading


Narayandas Luhana is cured by Shri Mahaprabhuji

Narayandas was born in the town of Thatta in North India. As his father was a very rich businessman, the birth of Narayandas was celebrated with much pomp and gaiety. When he turned five, Narayandas was infected with a skin disease that affected his whole body. His father summoned doctors from all over the country… Keep Reading